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Online Reporting
A unique feature of the Xcelerate offering to clients is the ability to report via the Xcelerate Web Site.
  • Field Staff log all their activity daily on the Xcelerate Website.

  • Clients, Suppliers and Retailers can login securely to view all their campaign details.

  • Database is fully searchable by date, store, client, tasks...

  • Photos of all activities are taken and uploaded to the website so that users may view real-time their completed POS, campaign or tasks.


Screenshot (Daily Activity)

Environmentally Friendly Information Flow

Xcelerate has pioneered the reduction, and in several areas, the elimination of paper based reporting. Staff reports are created online, payments are made electronically to their bank accounts and payslips are individually emailed back to them. Information is communicated to the field using bulk text messaging, and web based Notice Boards/Bulletins

Invoices and statements are sent via email and clients are encouraged to pay their accounts by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into the Xcelerate Account. One off reports are generated online and sent via email to client contacts.

It is estimated that Xcelerate has as a minimum eliminated the equivalent of two reams (1,000 sheets) of Photocopying paper, 100 envelopes and 100 stamps per person per year. Xcelerate is committed to reducing its carbon footprint each and every year by continuing to develop practices that reduce and eliminate unnecessary materials and costs.

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