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Xcelerate Fieldmarketing provides outsourced personnel in the following areas on specific term contracts (long or short term) or on ad-hoc projects

  • Sales
  • Syndicated Teams
  • Merchandising
  • Sampling
  • Auditing
  • Point of Sale Management

Field Marketing is the provision of field-based personnel on behalf of clients. Activities are outsourced by Clients to the Fieldmarketing company and the staff are recruited trained and managed by the Fieldmarketing company. Field Marketing delivers results and ensures brand development in terms of accountability, visibility, availability and sales. Fieldmarketing is a term used in the industry to describe the function of providing outsourced sales & operational support services with highly skilled and trained people to conduct either strategic (long-term) or tactical (short-term) exercises. Companies who require these services are those that usually find themselves lacking in field based resources when business demands increase or change such as:-

  • promotional periods
  • new product launches
  • new listing with major retailer
  • product recalls
  • re-branding of branch network
  • placing large amounts of Point of Sale material

Contract Services operate with clients on a semi-permanent basis and will most likely be for a longer term period i.e. a one year contract

Tactical Services are used where a client requires short-term additional resources and seasonal or promotional support.

Syndicated Services typically provides a shared team across a number of clients and is designed to give efficiencies to companies that do not have the resources to cover their customer base consistently.

Other companies decide that their business model suits the decision to contract out the provision of a fully outsourced team of field based operatives to a Fieldmarketing company such as Xcelerate Fieldmarketing. Xcelerate provides field based personnel, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers should they be required. Fieldmarketing provides flexibility around resources in the field and allows companies to convert from fixed to variable overhead.

Personnel are recruited and selected by Xcelerate to specific criteria and experience. Industry specific personnel are recruited to client requirements where particular knowledge is a pre-requisite. Xcelerate works towards solutions that match people to process. Xcelerate recruit within the 32 counties of Ireland and are an equal opportunities employer. Xcelerate comply with all Irish Revenue and Employment Legislation.

Quality reporting is the key to creating visibility and Xcelerate provide electronic data capture and reporting to clients. This provides actionable information in a timely and efficient fashion. It is this capability combined with matching people to process that puts Xcelerate at the forefront of sales support services.

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