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10 Top Factors for Successful Outsourcing - Back to Top

  1. Clear understanding of company goals and objectives
  2. A strategic vision and plan
  3. Selecting the right outsourcing company
  4. Continuous management of the relationships
  5. A robust and professionally constructed contract
  6. Inclusive and open communication with affected individual/groups
  7. Top level support from Senior Management
  8. Identification of key personnel issues
  9. Financial justification
  10. Benchmarking outside expertise

Typical Outsourcing Options - Back to Top

Interest in growing in outsourcing the Sales and Merchandising activity for companies who are focussed on the changes in their market and the appropriate allocation of resources that they need to make face to face contact with their customers.

There are a number of considerations to be taken into account and these can be viewed as a series of options on a continuum from:-

The decision as to a Payroll only option or a fully outsourced option will be largely dictated by the strategy of the company and their planned routes to market. “Aligning Resources and Operations” is a mantra that Xcelerate continues to profess as the continuing needs of the market and the requirement for flexible resources impacts on the company’s ability to serve their customers.

In looking at the Xcelerate outsourced model, the costing parameters are largely dictated by

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