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Outsourcing the sales function can be a daunting task for many companies as there are many and varied criteria to consider in conjunction with deciding on the most compatible service provider. In addition, accurate payback is difficult to analyze and the invisible costs that are endemic within the in-house operation are not readily recognizable or removable.

Many companies are not of sufficient size to take advantage of a dedicated outsourced team and cannot afford the type of coverage that a country such as Ireland requires to generate effective return. Other companies only wish to outsource a portion of the in-house operation that is not providing a positive return on investment.

As a result of an in-depth evaluation of client companies, the creation of Syndicated Services by Xcelerate has generated sizeable interest by companies interested in widening their net. This service is predicated on a group of clients benefiting from a shared resource calling on a pre-defined call-file that is primarily common to all.

Xcelerate sets up a call-file and frequency pattern that reflects the requirements of the individual client companies. The positioning of a field team geographically is then super-imposed on this template by recruiting specifically to the role and the geography. A field person will carry out a call on behalf of each individual client on an agreed basis e.g. time based 20 mins for Client A, 20 mins for Client B, 15Mins for Client C and 15 mins Client D. Clients share travel time, mileage and expenses, overhead and fee costs. This provides a substantial saving on the in-house alternative and expands the capability of the sales department to provide coverage across the Island of Ireland.

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