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The typical cost of a rep in Ireland is made up of salary and related costs such as PRSI, Insurance and Holidays. Where a company car is supplied and petrol is reimbursed, these costs need to be added. Alternatively, where mileage is paid instead of providing a company car, the rolled up costs (paying mileage for using own car) usually equate to the cost of providing the car however, the employee does not incur the BIK costs and the company does not have to administer the BIK calculation and collection process.

Example 1

Salary & Related

Salary   20,800.00 (equates to 10/hour)
PRSI   2,326.00 (Employers PRSI @ 10.75%)
Holiday Accrual 2,902.54 (Calculated @ 12.6%)
EL & PL Insurance 389.08 (Calculated @ 1.5% of Salary and Related)
Bonus 2,000.00 (Calculated @ 10% of Salary)
PRSI on Bonus 223.60 (Employers PRSI @ 10.75%)
Subtotal 28,631.21

Vehicle Costs

Annual Car Lease 5,000.00 (based on 3 year lease)
Car Insurance 1,500.00 (based on Insurance and Excess)
Car Tax 500.00
Wear & Tear 1,000.00 (based on two services per year)
Petrol 5,000.00 (25,000 miles p.a. @1.06/ltr x 25mls/gal)
Subtotal 13,000.00  (could be paid as mileage @ approx 0.60/mile)
Other Costs
Telephone/mobile 2,600.00 (Based on avg 50/week)
Postage 520.00 (Based on avg 10/week)
Lunch Allowance 2,080.00 (Based on avg   8/week)
Sundries 1,040.00 (Based on avg 20/week)
Subtotal 6,240.00
Supervisor Costs  
Rolled up costs   62,186.82 (Based on managing 10 people)
Equates to  6,218.68 per Rep

Total Cost 55,405.50**

Achieving: -

o       10 calls per day : Cost per Call = 22.54/call**

o         8 calls per day : Cost per Call = 28.17/call**

o         6 calls per day : Cost per Call = 37.56/call**

o         5 calls per day : Cost per Call = 45.08/call**


*Note: Xcelerate estimate that as the total cost of a junior rep in Ireland above does not include the cost of the materials and support structures that are required to manage a field team, typically additional costs equate to at least an additional 15% of total field costs.

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