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Creating a Syndicated Field Team provides for the “out of call” costs to be shared such as Vehicle costs, Out of Pocket Expenses and Supervisors Costs. In the example above, the total of these three categories are in excess of €25,000 or 41% of the costs (these “out of call” costs are higher when support costs are included).

 o       Syndicated can operate in two methodologies on behalf of clients

  • Industry specific where clients are competitors

  • Non-competing clients in the same industry category i.e. FMCG

 o       Retailers will benefit from a reduced number of 3rd party personnel calling on their outlets

 o       Syndicated Field Teams are more geographically focused and have a faster response time than traditional in-house teams particularly where the in-house team is small

 o       Syndicated team members are not as likely to infringe on planogram compliance

Where the “out of call” costs of a call are shared between two clients the cost per call of a junior rep/merchandiser will reduce by as much as 24%. The savings will increase by adding in more clients but after five clients the savings are small. The example below shows the savings expected on a typical 8 calls per day operation which would cost €28.17/call 

  Cost per call   Reduction
2 Clients   €21.54/call 24%
3 Clients €19.33/call 31%
4 Clients €18.23/call 35%
5 Clients €17.57/call 38%
6 Clients €17.12/call 39%


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