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Recession Resistant Strategies Merchandising - Back to Basics!


Maximising Resources in Difficult Times -
Fieldmarketing V In-House


Recession Resistant Strategies Merchandising - Back to Basics!

Merchandising is one of the most undervalued and misunderstood disciplines in the marketplace today and why? It looks deceptively simple and some commentators would argue that it can’t be that difficult to put products on the shelf.

Regular and consistent merchandising can have a greater impact on your business with increased availability generating brand loyalty, return visits to the store, increases in sales and greater customer satisfaction.

Merchandising should be thought of as “Strategic Replenishment” and not just something we do when we discover a problem, or a gap.

Outsourcing your merchandising and in-store execution requirements also allows for greater coverage, improved call pattern and higher in-call time per Euro spend. It also allows companies to upscale at various times to react to promotions and a sudden uplift in business i.e. after a new product launch, seasonal campaigns etc.

Maximising Resources in Difficult Times - Fieldmarketing V In-House Back to Top

Converting Fixed Overhead to Variable Matching Skills to Tasks Strategies of top performing brands

It is widely believed from previous analysis conducted that Sales People could spend less than 10% of their time selling, with over half of their day being spent driving and/or at internal meetings.

Fieldmarketing personnel spend over 80% of their paid for time in the outlets of the clients customers.

 Consider a company with 5 Sales Representatives working 40 hours per week each which equates to 200 hours of available time.

Xcelerate Recommends that this is converted from 5 people doing 40 hours each to 20 people doing 10 hours each at local level. This allows clients to convert fixed overheads to variable overheads.

Fieldmarketing People:

  • Spend 75% to 80% of their time in-call and with clients customers.

  • Cover a greater number of calls in a given period of time.

  • React faster to sudden demands for increased resources.

  • Provide a greater geographic spread across the country.

  • Can increase on-shelf availability by as between 15% and 30%.

  • Incur less sick leave.

Xcelerate’s experience suggests that:

• Top performing brands achieve more consistent in-store impact, lower out of stocks and higher display levels than competing brands and thus achieve successively higher annual sales growth rates.

• Top performing brands spend 9% more time than other brand companies in consumer oriented retail activities such as stocking shelves, removing un-saleable stock and building displays.

• Top performing brands sales forces spend 47% less time than their competitors doing administrative tasks such as auditing stores and checking backroom stocks thus freeing up the sales force time to focus on priority retail accounts.

A further analysis of these brand companies will confirm that they are field-oriented and results oriented and in the majority of cases outsource to specialist experts who deliver maximum impact at the appropriate time and location.


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